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“Discover & Uncover Bali’s Best Kept Secrets”
A Guide For The Elite Traveler

Explore Bali! Best Of Bali Guide has up-to-date information and reviews on over 1,000 important locations in Bali, including places of attraction, restaurants, bars, resorts, accommodations, cafes and more…

With its staggeringly beautiful scenery, multitude of outdoor activities, and forward-looking places, Bali offers countless opportunities to travelers and dwellers alike.

Whether you’re a traveler looking for a reliable Bali guide, a dweller looking for information on important locations, a hard-core adrenaline junkie looking for a backcountry adventure, an explorer heading out on a big road trip, a city-lover hunting for cutting-edge culture and fine cuisine or a combination of all the above, Best Of Bali Guide ticks all the boxes.

Whilst you’re out and about enjoying the city, don’t forget about the experiences Bali delivers. You can visit the best Restaurants, have the best Café & Tea, Desserts and Drinks the world has ever known. You can capture awesome scenes on camera in many places of attraction or listen in awe to the noise of the water at the beaches.  This website provides information and guide to all these important places.

What’s more? You get detailed information on over 1,000 places of attraction, hotels, food, shopping, and travel tips. Crave for more besides the overwhelming amount of information? You can ask questions and get answers, or post reviews share your experience in Bali with people all over the world!

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